Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly Reviews and OUtlooks.

Second Quarter - 2024

Markets go in a cycle from Bull market to Bear market and then back to Bull market (rise, fall, rise) and we are in a (rising) Bull market. The early part of the year has seen Equities grow at their fastest rate for the last 5 years.

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First Quarter - 2023

2022, a year we are all happy to see the end of from an investment perspective. The worst year since 1937 for shares. The Bear Market (falling market) started early in the year and carried on through. Even a flight to ‘safer’ Bonds was not effective as, unusually, both bonds and equities lost value. 

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third Quarter - 2020

2020 has been a brutal one so far in all aspects of life. Covid 19 continues to dominate the news with the added complexity of a Brexit Trade Deal to be finalised and a US election to be completed by the end of the year. Despite these factors global markets have rebounded. 

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second Quarter - 2020

Thank goodness the second quarter was not the same as the first quarter!! We are now looking forward to staggered growth with an expectation that any COVID investment losses will be recovered by the end of the year.

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fourth Quarter - 2019

Following a great 2019, it is important to keep healthy expectations. 2020 might not start as strong as 2019 but it doesn’t surprise us that 2020 started slowly as the America’s presidential election is causing political uncertainty. 

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