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Over 50's Policy

Over-50s life insurance is a type of life insurance for anyone aged over 50 and when you die, it pays out a lump sum. The money could be used towards your funeral costs, to pay off any existing debts or simply as a gift to leave your loved ones..

Guaranteed Acceptance

Many of the big insurers offer over-50s life insurance, which pays out a cash sum when you die. The big advantage of an over-50s policy is that acceptance is guaranteed. You don’t have to answer any health questions or pass any medical test.

This means that if you’re between the ages of 50 and 80, or sometimes 85 depending on the policy, you will not be turned down.

What you need to know

Another advantage of life insurance for the over-50s is that the premiums are usually fixed. This means you can choose a premium that suits your budget and desired level of cover and it will generally stay the same price. There are premiums to suit most budgets, with monthly payments starting from around £10 and going up to about £50.

You could pay more than you receive 

It’s possible that you may pay more into your policy than you receive. If, for example, you took out an over-50s life insurance policy at 50 and paid £25 a month for £10,000 of cover, you’d have paid more in than you could receive if you live past 83.

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