Approaching mid 60′

As I approached mid 60’s with failing health and a disparate portfolio of assets I thought it was time to review where I was on my financial road and have a plan for the future.

Ray completely appraised where I was and by setting goals gave me a number of options to go forwards with based on a risk reward profile that we jointly agreed suited me.

Most of what Ray and I discussed has been put into effect by Ray and his team with very positive outcomes. My various pensions that were earning very little are now managed by a SSIP and that in turn has invested under Ray’s guidance to provide a healthy income stream whilst retaining an asset that is still showing capital growth on top of the revenue stream. My family are now secure well into the future and I have some order in what was once a chaotic financial horizon. We still have some fine tuning and planning to complete but I am very confident that the tax savings projected and plans prepared will stand the test of time and the whole process was accomplished at a very reasonable cost. It’s a great feeling knowing that the head of the business takes the time to understand your issues and keeps a watchful hand on the tiller at all times

Ray and I are still working closely together as Ray continues to make my plans and assets work for me and make sure I get the best advise possible and the best returns achievable. I do not see a way that Ray could have done more than he has already.

F3 Wealth